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Tracking systems are an essential part of accurate and efficient supply chain management. Bar code tracking using mobile computers allows instant feedback on where production bottlenecks and overflows are occurring. The ability to accurately track inventory, while moving product, is a vital component of a well-run business.Rugged tablet for bar coding enable your products to be catalogued, tagged and transferred to inventory at any point in the distribution stream.

Reality Based Planning.
An often overlooked aspect of this process is the real world environment where mobile computers will be used. Think about how this applies to the equipment your company relies on. Take time to examine the following scenarios and adapt them to your business model.

The Production Environment.

A manufacturing environment is a busy place, typically full of moving machinery and people. Many facilities have both indoor and outdoor production areas. High impact surfaces such as metal and concrete are often abundant. Forklifts and other heavy equipment may be in use. Some manufacturing processes involve one or more of the following: debris, particulates, water, chemicals, harsh cleaning agents, abrasives, freezers, heavy objects and hot surfaces. Unique workplace-specific factors are almost always a consideration.

Production floor workers are often in motion. Reliable, rugged mobile computers move with them, ensuring maximum flexibility. People drawn to industrial employment tend to both work hard and play hard. Bar-coding devices are often treated with less than perfect discretion.

In industrial environments, the productivity of the workforce is also a top consideration. In a recent survey by the Peerless Research Group, labour productivity was identified as the second greatest, and fastest growing, priority for manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centres. A tablet must support productivity improvements. The battery must last for eight to ten hours of heavy use; scanners must be fast enough for high volume bar code scanning. Consumer tablet batteries do not have the capacity, and their scanners are only cameras instead of high-performance scan engines.

Distribution Centers.

Management of inventory as it passes through warehouses, distribution centres, and transit is an integral part of a quality tracking system. Many of the factors that are part of the production environment are still in play. Products may require a high range of temperature controlled conditions. Goods procured from external, and internal suppliers may be subject to physical shock in transit. Both property and company equipment occasionally sustain damage. While this is an unfortunate reality, a smart businessman accepts this essential part of doing business and plans accordingly. Rugged tablet technology allows real-time inventory tracking from the point of manufacture to distribution centres and ultimately to point of sale.